Many questions pop up before homeowners are ready to dive into their build…

“I already have a piece of land, can you still help me build a home?”

Yes, we can. If you have a piece of land in Lunenburg County and want to build, we will help you with the entire process. From choosing a home design, customizing that design to your needs and the build, right to the final touches like landscaping. We are here for you all the way.

“I am interested in building GREEN. Is your company able to help us?”

Absolutely! Ziegler Homes prides itself on striving for the highest standard of energy efficiency ……We are registered members of the Energy Star Program and will work with you to ensure you end up with a home that meets the highest energy star rating. This will also ensure you will be saving money on running your home for years to come.

“I want more than just a standard building lot to build my dream home on. I want privacy. Are your lots all a standard size?”

We want you to love your home but also love the surroundings and location. We have both standard building lots and larger lots available. We have lots surrounded by other homes and others that are protected by a green belt to offer ongoing privacy. We have availability in town and outside of town limits. So there are plenty of options to discuss.

“If I build with you do I get to choose the style home I want?”

Of course you do. Our first goal is that we build a home you love. We have many designs to choose from or we can look at your needs and desires and create something unique for you. It all starts with a conversation and we build on that.

“If I wanted to consider using your company to build my home can you provide references?”

We are happy to say that we can provide many references. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the home owner with exceptional performances by our whole team.  Our clients are very happy with their homes and their experience with us and any one of them would be happy to share that experience with a prospective buyer.