Better by Design

We ensure that the homes we build compliment their environment and offer many progressive new home designs to choose from. Ziegler Homes focuses on quality with unique modern features and energy efficiency.

Ziegler Design Features:

□ High ceilings
□ Modern, stylish light fixtures
□ Crown moldings
□ Bull-nose corners
□ Tall baseboards
□ Exterior finishes of stone, siding and shingle siding
□ Quality large ceramic tile
□ European influenced interior and exterior doors and kitchen designs
□ Custom made staircases
□ Etched and stained cement floors
□ Custom kitchens
□ Custom showers and free-standing tubs

The very best construction doesn’t have to be the costliest. We use only the highest quality materials from the foundation up. By buying smart, working smart, and scheduling efficiently, we are able to be competitive with our prices without compromising quality. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients, within their budget, and providing quality and customer satisfaction.



Energy Efficiency

Building  and owning energy efficient homes is important to most Nova Scotians.

Ziegler Homes is committed to this process.  We work in conjunction with Efficiency Nova Scotia and Natural Resources to access the most advanced information, so we can offer current practices and products.

We are active members of the Energy Star Program and it is our goal to strive for the highest possible level of efficiency. When you own a Ziegler Home, you are contributing to a healthier environment, while enjoying savings for years to come.

Here are some of our Energy Star features:

□ ICF foundations
□ High-efficiency triple glass casement windows – Double R value
□ Energy smart appliances and fixtures
□ R15 insulation in concrete slab
□ High efficiency heating and cooling systems
□ Efficiency standard insulated walls, foundation and attic
□ Smart wall heaters
□ Insulated to meet/exceed current standards
□ 50% less energy costs with “Time of the day Savings”
□ Extra R5 Insulation in Exterior Walls